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Why couples who exercise together last longer

febrero 14, 2020
Why couples who exercise together last longer

There are two types of people in the world: those who make exercise a fundamental part of their lives and those who don't.

When you are single, you can be any of these types of people without really affecting anyone, but when you get involved in a relationship, it becomes very different. If you are a very active person, you surely know very well how demotivating and harmful it is to have a lazy partner. Even your willpower weakens!

It's much easier to get out of a routine than to get used to a new one, so it's better to have someone who encourages you to go to the limit, right? This is just one of the many reasons why couples who exercise together last together much longer.

1. You know he doesn't lie to you when he says he's in the gym

Scene in a movie gym I want you

“Oh, so you will do cardio and lift weights today? Good for you!"

Instead of getting angry because your boyfriend will be busy for two hours in the gym, you will encourage him, and vice versa. They know exactly what kind of day they are having and support each other wholeheartedly.

2. You always have someone by your side

Guy lifting weights with the help of her boyfriend

Maybe you need to gain weight and have someone by your side to help you. Well, you don't need to search because you have that person by your side.

3. The guilt you experience is much worse when it comes to two

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You can scold anything you want or justify yourself, but you will never feel as guilty for missing a training as when your partner asks you what happened. It is a completely different story when it comes to someone else.

4. Between the two you can get free guest passes

Wedding couple exercising on the machines of a gym

Convince your friends that they have a sporting lifestyle like yours can be very difficult, but with your partner there is no problem and they will get many things together.

5. Sweat does not disgust either of them

Wedding couple exercising with weights

In fact it is something that you have begun to like a little.

6. They have the same diet

Couple with tattoos eating on a sofa

Cooking and eating together is much easier, because they both want the healthiest option possible.

7. The days when they can eat anything, they are more fun

Wedding couple in a restaurant eating french fries and pizza

Surely you had thought that you were in all your glory in the gym, but when the two have "free day" and put themselves in front of a plate of pasta, there is no stopping them.

They enjoy together because they know that the next day they will return to a disciplined routine.

8. They are driven in different ways

Couple practicing box in a gym

No matter if it is through positive or negative words of encouragement, the result is always stimulating. Sometimes you need that extra push to keep moving.

9. Do not feel uncomfortable going out after training

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Neither of them cares about how it will look after a session in the gym. They don't care because in the end what really interests them is under the clothes.

10. They are encouraged to move on

GIF couple exercising

There are days when the last thing you want to do is spend your energy. Your partner is very aware of this feeling, and understands that the best way to solve it is by doing exactly what you do not want to do.

11. Appreciate your rest days

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Although for both of them a day of rest does not imply lying on the couch to watch a movie, but a day of slow routine in the gym, they value it more than anything else in the world.

12. They have seen each other in their worst moments

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They have already been tired, discouraged, reluctant, shaking and soaked in sweat. Who doubts that exercising unites them more?

13. They fight less because they release their anger in a healthier way

Couple practicing box

Have you ever wondered how cruelly they broke the heart that invented kick boxing?

14. They are happier and have more energy

wedding couple making bars

This will also be reflected in the other aspects of their lives. The more energy they have, the more activities they can do outside the gym.

15. Do you have someone to try a new diet with?

Wedding couple eating healthy

Trying something new, especially a diet, is much easier when there is someone doing it with you.

16. Your music list will never be boring

GIF of a man exercising happily

Good music is essential for good training; You must have songs that motivate you to keep moving. Isn't it great to have someone sending you new tunes?

17. They will not let the other compare meaningless

Black and white photo of a couple kissing in the gym

Comparing yourself to someone is probably the worst way to “motivate yourself” to exercise.