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What to do if your partner flirts with others

febrero 14, 2020

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If you have discovered that your partner flirts with other people and it seems that you are not just a flirt of being friendly with others, but that it takes you to a somewhat more dangerous terrain, then you need to take some advice. If this happens and you feel upset, it is normal that you want to know what to do … You see how you lack respect in your presence!

Find out if your flirting really bothers you

Some people are perfectly fine with their partners flirting with others, since it can be a very sociable person. Understand how you really feel. But if you think this behavior is getting out of hand, then you should talk to him about it.

Decide what you want to talk about

Before starting this conversation, you have to make sure what you want to talk about and stick to the topic. You can only do this when you have finally discovered why you feel the way you do it and why your flirtatious behavior bothers you.

Be specific and tell him how you feel. Find out why he flirts? He may not get something from you for attention or compassion or he may miss the fun of flirting that he enjoyed with you in the first days of meeting you.

Maybe he flirts to feel good and maybe he is trying to strengthen his own self-esteem. Or you may be flirting just for fun. Find out so you can better understand their behaviors And then understand what you want from this relationship.


You cannot ask him to change, but perhaps you can agree to create limits that work best for both of you. Don't just say you're fine with him flirting with other women if you're not. Trust is a very important aspect of any relationship. If your partner has not given you any reason not to trust him, then you must trust him and not look for problems where there are none.

Give it a try

It is important to remember that flirting in a relationship is healthy. Flirting with each other keeps the relationship alive and adds spark and sensuality. It makes you feel good about each other and injects a lot of fun into your relationship. After all, flirting is a normal and healthy way for someone to meet another. While you are not crossing boundaries or have other intentions such as having sex with the other person, flirting out of a relationship is natural and healthy.

Over time, if you protect yourself from not talking to the opposite sex because your partner does not approve, you will see that resentment quickly replaces trust and happiness in the relationship. Friendly jokes with another person make you feel good about yourself and your relationship with your partner. Never let another person tell you what you have to do or who you can or cannot talk to.

Get out of the relationship

If you really can't handle your partner’s flirting and you might feel like you shouldn't be flirting either, So the best thing you can do is leave the relationship and meet a non-flirtatious couple.