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What do men look for? – Better with Health

febrero 10, 2020
What do men look for? - Better with Health

There is a lot of interest in finding an answer to the question: What do men look for? Internet is full of them, but the answers are usually quite similar in most cases.

In some cases, they point out that men notice breasts; in others, in the eyes. But generalizing is a mistake. Do we really believe that all men look at the same?

The problem with all this is that even The belief that men look more at the physical than women is still present. A belief that does not have to be true nor does it have to be fulfilled in most cases.

Before providing a different answer to the question, let's see what they point to some studies That have been done.

Studies that show what men look at

One of the first studies Eye movements when looking at potential friends and romantic partners 105 heterosexual students (men and women) participated.

In the study it was obtained that, for women, looking towards the head corresponded to a greater interest in friendship, while for the men who looked at the head it corresponded to a lesser interest in friendship. These findings show that relational goals and gender can affect the way people scan their surroundings and look for relevant information in line with their goals.

However, one of the study's authors, Angela Bahns, said that the men paid more attention to the area between the chest and the buttocks, although the interest was out of friendship.

Man fixing female buttocks

Another type of study that the newspaper collects The vanguard It indicates the opposite. Apparently, Evolutionary biology specialist David Bainbridge indicates that men look at other qualities such as intellect.

However, it is specified that this only happens when men want to build a stable relationship with that other person. Do we understand, then, that if this is not the case, interest in physical appearance prevails?

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So, What do men look for? In reality, despite all the investigations that can be carried out, there is nothing certain about it.

This mainly means two things:

  1. Men are much more different from each other than we believe. That "all men are equal" does not make much sense. Something that, logically, should not be applied to the female gender.
  2. Men look both inside and physically, as do women.

The myths that surround men

When we find a study that states that men look more at the physicist, we usually say "if they are very superficial." On the other hand, when we find the opposite, we point out "of course, there are always exceptions."

The myths surrounding men make us point them with the finger when, in reality, each person is different. Generalizing is a mistake. Just as there are men who look at the physique, there are also women who do. What's more, does anyone not?

The answer to the question, what do men notice? What we want to give in this article is the following. Instead of thinking about men or women, let's think about people.

In this way, we will realize that the answer to this question is meaningless. We are many in this world, with different tastes and different interests.

Man and woman meeting

Pointing to men or women for beliefs or myths we have heard is a mistake. It conditions us to expect something or to judge someone for something that, in reality, is not true.

Not everyone is equal

True, not all men are equal, but that is because no person is male or female (or identifies with another type of gender) has the same tastes.

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It is very important that we put aside generalized and negative beliefs. Men look at women depending on their tastes, interests, educational level, expectations, values ​​…

Some will be fixed on the hair or eyes, others on the hands or buttocks. What we cannot do is generalize and say "all men look at …". More than anything because this is not true.

What do you think about this? It is clear that the experiences of each one can influence the response to what do men look for? but this only reflects one reality, ours.

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