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What are microinfidelities? – Better with Health

febrero 14, 2020
What are microinfidelities? - Better with Health

Social networks and some applications have given way to a new type of betrayal: microinfidelities. This concept has been created by psychologist Melanie Schilling, who has commented to The Daily Mail whatHe did it because of the need to name a new behavior between couples.

Microinfidelities are all those actions or behaviors that a committed person incurs, but in a subtle way. A type of covert flirting, or microinfidelity, it would be contact with another person outside the relationship, either physically or emotionally, keeping it secret to the couple.

Microinfidelities They are small actions that a person does when focusing on someone outside the relationship. What exactly do they consist of? Why do they occur? In the next space we want to address a little more about this topic.

Examples of microinfidelities

Some examples of microinfidelities, according to this psychologist, would be:

  • Consult information about the ex-partner.
  • Constantly interact with someone other than the couple, without having friendship but only attraction.
  • Do not let the other person know that you are in a serious relationship.
  • Minimize the real relationship.
  • Having engaging conversations with another person, that is, rises.
  • Save the number of a person with code name.

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While Some people might believe that these are traits of controlling people, or that they are jealous, The psychologist emphasizes that the difference between a naive act with a friendship and a microinfidelity is that the latter is hidden from the couple.

Depending on the answer to the question: why is it hidden? An assessment may be made regarding the existence or not of a microinfidelity.

Man looking at his mobileIn times where technology facilitates communication with other people, there is talk of a new form of infidelity: microinfidelities.

New infidelities

Some experts mention that With the emergence of new technologies, new forms of infidelity have also emerged, among which they indicate:

  • Cybersex
  • Cyberomace
  • Sexting
  • Realtouch
  • Sex with avatars

To identify if we are in the presence of a microinfidelity, we can also evaluate the characteristics of the novel forms of infidelities:

  • Are accessible: Internet connection only required.
  • Affordable: Its economic cost is not high.
  • Anonymous: Sometimes, true identity is hidden.
  • Adaptable: while allowing fantasies, based on a double standard.
  • Acceptable:since the form of communication is normalized.
  • Ambiguous: since there is not always a clear limit between the allowed and forbidden, and the healthy and pathological.
  • There are secrets and intensity.
  • Reduce the threat that the aggrieved person feels, because it occurs in the virtual and not real realm.
  • There is disinhibition Thanks to the physical distance.
  • They are shown as safer

However, before identifying any of these clues, it is better to be clear about the limits that exist in the relationship.

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The relationship must have clear rules

When two people decide to form a relationship, the first thing to do is set limits. In this way, both will know how to direct their behaviors, or,Know what types of behaviors can hurt the couple emotionally. Clear rules also let you know what attitudes or actions could harm the relationship.

Sad woman for infidelity of her partnerHaving clear rules in the relationship is knowing what are the actions that can harm or hurt the couple.

Why do microinfidelities occur?

Among the reasons why microinfidelities occur is being able to feel the thrill of conquest. Similarly, there are those who incur in this form of deception by the pleasant feeling that produces them feel attractive to others.

It is worth noting that it is necessary to know how far the person who incurs microinfidelity wants to take that new "relationship" or exchange, since that depends on being able to classify it later as an infidelity itself.

Well, many times, what begins as an unpretentious game of crossing the line,ends up becoming an infidelity and with the subsequent rupture of the relationship.

Therefore, it is important to determine if the romantic "games" will truly end there, or if they will become something else outside the virtual environment, able to affect the relationship you have in the present with the other person.

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