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Things a man should never stop telling his girl

febrero 15, 2020
Things a man should never stop telling his girl

They say that men fall in love through sight and women by ear, that is why there are sayings such as "verita mata carita". The truth is that any girl melts that a man says phrases that make her feel beautiful and loved.

Therefore, here are 15 things that a man should never stop telling his girl to keep her in love.

1. Your voice sounds sexy

Elizabethtown movie scene

Talk to her in the morning, when she just woke up and remind her how lovely her voice sounds.

2. I'm really sorry

Valentine's Day movie scene

If you have a misunderstanding on one occasion, apologize. This far from showing weakness will make you look like a mature humbre: What is not what every woman looks for?

3. I brought something to eat for you

wedding couple in bed having breakfast

This is a detail that will drive your girl crazy, because you will show her that you care and care about her. And if you bring breakfast to bed when you have just woken up, be sure that you will add extra points.

4. I invite you to a party with my friends

Movie scene three meters above the sky

This is a gesture that shows your interest in integrating it into every aspect of your life.

5. You're perfect, I wouldn't change anything about you

Movie scene a little piece of heaven

There is no phrase that makes a woman fall in love more than this. Knowing that you not only like physically, but also love her sense of humor, her way of dressing, thinking, acting and all those little things that make her special.

6. I have a surprise for you, close your eyes!

Movie scene three meters above the sky

As we mentioned earlier, the details are what make a girl fall in love, however small it may be. You do not have to buy something expensive or branded, they say that the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

7. You can always call me at the time you need

Distance love movie scene

In truth, a woman loves to know that she has your unconditional support at any time of the day.

8. It's my turn to pamper you, don't get up

Scene from the movie Friends with Right

Saying this to a woman, especially when she is in her period, with those unbearable cramps and feeling devastated, or when she is sick, is invaluable. It is beautiful for her to know that you care and that you realize what is happening to her, so prepare her a day of movies at home.

9. You have a perfect body

Scene in the bathroom of the movie 50 shades of gray

Unfortunately there are days when your girl, even if she has a heart attack, does not feel sure of herself. So remind her how beautiful she looks and how much you like her, that will make her feel sexy and safe.

10. You are my best friend

Friends with benefits movie scene

A woman not only seeks to be your girlfriend, she also wants to be your friend and trust her.

11. If one day we have a daughter, I want her to be like you when I was little

Mother and daughter dressed alike

Besides knowing that you have future plans with her, do you think there is something more flattering than this? Of course not!

12. You excite me too much

Movie scene Our forbidden video

Rest assured that when you say this, you will drive her crazy.

13. I'm dying to see you, I already miss you

Scene from the movie Diary of a Passion

No matter if it has been a few hours or days since they last saw each other, it will always be good for your girl to know that you need her and that you want to see her, surely she also misses you.

14. You are beautiful even without makeup

Pd movie scene I love you

Any woman loves to know that you like her even without makeup.

15. I want you to always be by my side in my future

Scenes from the movie Diary of a Passion

No one has the future bought, but include it in your future plans; Let him know that no matter what happens, you always look at his side.