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The pain of loving a person who will never love you the same

febrero 15, 2020
El dolor de AMAR a alguien que nunca te amará

They say love is the best teacher. Thanks to him you will learn more than you could learn in a classroom or in a book. The reason is very simple, we feel more when we are in love.

Human beings learn through the senses, processing and interpreting the information collected by them. Our brain releases chemical substances associated with the emotional sensations we experience, and it is these that allow us to perceive life in hypervelocity. That is why we feel more alive when we are in love.

Pain to love who does not love you

Being in love is the best in the world.

Until you fall in love you don't know what it means to live. Well, to be more exact, until you fall in love and have a broken heart, you don't know the meaning of living. On the other hand, until you have a broken heart, you will not understand what love really is.

Tom and summer movie scene 500 days with her

As human beings, we learn better from loss. We value people and things more after losing them.

Surely you have ever imagined what it should feel like to lose a person you love, but it is until you really lose it or are about to lose it when you fully understand what he or she means to you.

We learn when we are hurt by others; when our best efforts are not good enough; When we fail Success is not a good teacher.

As soon as we lose something, the moment we become aware of the now empty space that is in our life and was once occupied by something beautiful, even if that "something" was only the dream of having what you now know that you are never going to to have, it hurts.

Pain to love who does not love you

Love can teach you almost everything you need to know about life. For example, it can teach you that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you love a person, that person simply won't love you.

It can also teach you that there are many levels of love, and that each and every one of us loves in a different way. He can teach you that sometimes you have no choice but to love someone who will not love you as much as you love him.

In fact, we often fall in love and continue to love those who do not belong to us with the same passion.

Tom from the movie 500 days with her

Most of us have a problem when distinguishing between romantic love and true love. Romantic love is rather a kind of obsession with what you want to have, and this is what makes us want what we cannot have.

Romantic love makes our imagination turn a person into something good and special. Worst of all, we love being in romantic love, no matter how much it hurts.

Tom's expectation and reality in the movie 500 days with her

Being in love with someone who will never love you in the same way shakes your heart, but you love it. Don't get it wrong, it hurts, it hurts a lot. But at the same time it makes you feel more alive.

This opens a side of life and a part of yourself that you didn't know existed. It is the kind of pain you never forget, but that you remember with a kind of love and nostalgia.

There is a thin line between pain and pleasure. Romantic love is located in that one.

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