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Signs that your partner flirts with other people

febrero 13, 2020


Flirting doesn't have to be anything bad if it's done simply as a way of being nice to others and respecting the couple you have. But perhaps, you are thinking that your partner has taken a step further and flirts at a level where you feel you are disrespectful. Are you really flirting?

Signs that your partner flirts with others

Invades the personal space of others

Subtle cues to notice are inclined when they speak, touch or rub each other occasionally or hit each other playfully. But you will have to notice that it is not a person with whom you have a lot of confidence, since This can be absolutely normal in people who are very confident or have known each other for years.

Prolonged eye contact

There is nothing wrong with eye contact. In fact, eye contact is encouraged when two people communicate. But if your partner is exchanging fleeting glances with other people, or looking at them too long, then you may need to evaluate what happens.

Smile too much

Smiling at other people is friendly and a fairly normal thing. But if you notice that your partner shows his charm and smiles in that sexy way (which once weakened your knees) to other people, especially while talking with them, then your partner flirts for sure. If you notice that the other person is also reciprocal with their smiles, eye contact and body language, then you will probably know that they are flirting.

He does it in front of you

His flirtatious behavior is not something occasional. It happens all the time, whether it's at a party, a restaurant or even with your cousins. You discover that your partner always pays extra attention to other women and flirts with them through their conversation, their body language and that irresistible charm.


So, now that you've concluded that your partner is a flirt, what's next?

Get some perspective

Well, if he does this all the time, then you probably fall in love with him when he was flirting with you or when you first met him you liked this aspect of his person. So what has changed now? You may need to evaluate how you feel about the situation and why. Look deep within yourself and ask if you feel restless due to some insecurity on your part.

Are you jealous because you feel you are not good enough to keep your attention? Do you feel excluded? Or maybe you don't understand her lovely friendly nature as flirtatious. There is nothing wrong with asking your boyfriend to relieve his flirtatious behavior, but it is important to understand where to draw the line. You cannot ask him to change his personality, since that would be unfair to your partner. After all, you were attracted to him first.

Reflect on what really bothers you before taking another step … Because maybe what he does is an undercover infidelity or just his personality and just tries to be nice.