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Old school habits that should go back on dates

febrero 16, 2020
9 Hábitos en las citas de antes que deberían volver ¡Lo más pronto posible!

The Internet has changed our worldview and made us many things easier, for example, now we can make video calls to talk to our parents, buy things from the comfort of our home, find millions of answers and many other images.

However, these changes in modern communication have not necessarily been to improve. It has become easier to keep in touch, but it has also changed the way we act on a date and it has ended a bit with romance and spontaneity. How many times have you had conversations online and instead of telling a detail you send a happy face?

1. Have a real date

people talking while sitting eating

Meeting someone in a bar and having a drink together listening to loud music is the modern standard of dating, but it shouldn't be that way.

Don't think too much, take the classic approach: for example, watch a movie and enjoy dinner (watch the movie first, this way you'll have something to talk about later in case you run out of conversation). Choose a good restaurant (it doesn't have to be expensive), order a bottle of wine (or a couple of glasses) and enjoy your company.

2. Talk, talk and talk more

people talking while they drink coffee

You must meet others (and her in particular) with long conversations. If the conversation does not flow naturally, it is a warning sign that it might not be for you.

It is important that you mention your birthday, that you talk about your family and friends, and what you want to do with your life. This will lead you to ask the same questions.

Do not be arrogant, do not boast, and while it is not necessary to say absolutely everything, you should not be afraid that she will discover your true self.

3. Stay in touch

people talking on the phone

It is not bad to send a text message, but you should not use it as the main means of communication. Text messages don't say everything you want to say, simply because you couldn't write it.

Take the phone and call her. It doesn't have to be for a specific purpose; It may be simply because you want to talk and listen to the sound of your voice.

4. Pick it up at home and take it too

people inside a car chatting while the snow falls

Why wait for it somewhere when you can pick it up at home? It is a little extra effort, but it is a gesture that you will love. Knocking politely at the door is much more personal than sending a text message that says: "I'm at the bar, where are you?"

When your appointment is over, offer to take her home. Maybe she will kiss you good night at her front door … Or invite you to come in to "have a drink" … just like in romantic movies.

5. Give her gifts

man holding a bouquet of carrots in his hands to deliver it to a woman

It is not necessary to arrive with gifts every time you see it, but it is the small details that make the difference. You might think it's cheesy to bring her flowers on the first date, but she won't think about it.

Once you get to know her better it is advisable to give her small gifts that show that you are thinking about her, maybe a book that you think she might like or a playlist of songs that remind her.

6. Take care of your appearance

man standing outside a room holding a jacket in one hand

It is common for some people, when they are in long-term relationships (or always), to "forget" things like personal grooming and not realize what they wear.

You have to make an effort to look good when you're with her. Striving in your appearance shows that it is important to you.

7. Give your full attention

wedding couple talking in the street

Has it ever happened to you that being with a friend, he or she simultaneously talked to you and wrote a text message every two minutes? It is incredibly annoying.

When you are with a girl you like, she should have your full attention. So the phone must be silent and you forget that it exists for a while.

8. When the lights go out

wedding couple lying on a bed facing each other

Don't assume you're going to sleep with her the first time they go out. Some women have no problem going to bed with a boy on the first date, but others prefer to wait. Wait as long as necessary, that is your choice, not yours, and above all, not pressures.

9. Be honest with your feelings

people hugging and talking in the middle of the street

There is too much at stake in modern courtship. Everyone feels the need to be on guard and be shy with their feelings. Why believe that you will scare her if you confess her love before dessert arrives on her first date?

There is nothing wrong with saying something like: "I like you, and I want to get to know you better." It is very simple and very effective. She will appreciate it more than if you send her cute faces on Facebook.