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Maybe it was time, but we were the wrong couple

marzo 27, 2020
Tal vez era el momento correcto, pero fuimos la pareja equivocada

In recent months I have had enough time to reflect on what happened. Ideas come and go in my head, but there are others that have remained fixed. It seems incredible to me how a person can do and say so many things in order to get what he wants, and once he gets bored he abandons it, exactly like a child abandons that toy that he loved so much and that a minute later he is no longer interested in.

‘Child’ is the key word and perhaps the reason why ours did not work, because maybe it was our time, but we were a wrong love. "I need time", "I am confused", "I am afraid", "I am not ready", "I would like to do other things first", "I do not want to hurt you". Bullshit, they are excuses for a child, for a man who has not been able to mature.

Couple kissing behind a flower.

I have nothing but the promise of a love to which you were unable to reciprocate. For me, things are simple: black or white, there are no gray tones in life, nor are there intermediates. There are no means of love either, and this is for those who think that loving ‘today yes and tomorrow no’ is real.

True love has no fears or excuses, or if it does, it faces them because it knows that fighting for what you want has its reward. To love is to get on the ship without knowing what awaits you; have courage, guts, be brave, fight every day; it is giving without waiting, holding a hand and not letting go; is to be constant even when the circumstances are difficult.

Couple holding hands.

You were the opposite of what I expected from love, because neither my multiple attempts to stay by your side gave you the courage and courage to accept what you felt; instead you chose the easy way out: cower and run away.

You stayed there, hindering, because you liked to feel loved but you are not willing to give everything. You decided not to stay, but neither did you leave; stay but not grow; you decided that 'we had to wait'. What, the perfect time?

Couple kissing.

That excuse is for cowards who do not decide for fear of failure, and do not realize that when they half try, they risk failure. I still think it would have been worth it, but you didn't want to try. That it was the right moment, but we were the wrong couple and that's why I decided to leave, to close this door forever, because I love myself and I deserve to be happy.

Just one last tip: next time love knocks on your door, don't wait for the perfect time, because it doesn't exist. Let love enter your life, do not give it up as a coward. Then you will know what it is to live.

Girl saying goodbye.