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Just married makes a proposal to a 6-year-old

marzo 27, 2020
Conmovedora historia de amor. Recién casado hace proposición a pequeña de 6 años “¿quieres ser mi hija para siempre?”

This 37-year-old man has just declared his love to a girl of just six … But don't think badly, the story of Diogo Bolant and his now wife Nicole de Souza is a double love story.

The guests at the wedding knew that Diogo would swear love to Nicole, what no one expected was that this man would also declare his love for little Isadora, Nicole's daughter. At the wedding, kneeling and with a ring equal to the one he gave his wife a few minutes earlier, the newlywed said to the girl: "I want to ask you something: would you like to be my daughter forever?"

Photograph of the proposal.

There are no words to explain this moving moment, but there is a video that in a short time has reached thousands of reproductions. It is about that moment in which little Isadora says "yes" to this handsome gentleman.

"Isadora always dreamed of getting married, and I wanted to have a special detail with her in front of all the guests."

Edilaine Gaeta, manager of the company in charge of planning the wedding, commented that everything had been planned in advance, because the groom wanted to give Isadora this surprise.

“The little girl had no idea what was going to happen. All the guests and the planning team were moved to tears, ”said Edilaine.