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Is it possible to find the ideal partner? – Better with Health

febrero 10, 2020
Is it possible to find the ideal partner? - Better with Health

Sometimes we mentally build what our ideal partner should be. But perfect people do not exist. Stable and satisfactory relationships rise with the union of two people almost perfect that, with effort and dedication, build an ideal relationship. We give you the keys to achieve it.

Work for the perfect relationship with the right person

As simple as this. Sometimes people mentally build what our ideal partner should be. A kind, caring person who attends to us in each of our needs. Of great appeal and perfect charm …

All right. Dreaming is good, it reveals in some way what our needs are. But in real life we ​​often find very different profiles, Of those without knowing how, we end up falling in love.

Surely it has ever happened to you. Being attracted to a person who does not fit in what for you is "the ideal partner", and yet attracts and fits in an inexplicable way in your desires, your aspirations. It makes you feel good and you don't know why. You love him and you wouldn't know how to explain the reason.

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It may not be all the ideal we would have expected, but his character and personality fill those gaps that you often have.

It makes you laugh and offers you happiness. If you have found a person with these nuances and you want the relationship to be stable, you should both work on the following dimensions.

However, there is another aspect that we must also be clear about: Sometimes the love that two people feel is not enough. It is necessary that the coexistence be good, that there is a commitment, a respect, a good communication … all those small pillars that really sustain a healthy and stable relationship in time.

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Keys to maintain an ideal relationship with the ideal partner

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1. Good communication

Are you able to maintain an open and constructive dialogue? Can you talk about all your needs, what you like and what you don't, with respect and harmony?

All of this is fundamental. The knowledge that they listen to us, that they care about what we tell them, that they know how to read in our face and in our words. All this is key to feeling good, to strengthen ties where in addition to a couple, We have that friend that you know who attends to you and understands you.

2. Complicity, humor and passion

Complicity is built day by day and in small things. In knowing what the other likes, in understanding what bothers him, what he loves.

The sense of humor and enjoyment with our partner is a basic fact that feeds the relationship and makes it unique. We must be ourselves, a simple happiness where not to be forced, a sincere and healthy happiness where to enjoy with passion those moments in common.

A complicity that is built in the small moments and in the most serious moments, where we really need the other person. All this builds that ideal couple that we all dream of. But it requires effort on the part of both.

Watch a romantic movie with the ideal couple

3. Be understood and respected

Avoid toxic relationships first, those where your happiness is in the other person's pocket. Do not let anyone cut your wings to your personal growth, your personal and professional aspirations.

We must know how to grow as a couple but also individually. If the other person puts you more obstacles than supports, you should think about how you feel.

If your self-esteem is increasingly frustrated, you will have to make a decision. The ideal couple gives you freedom because they trust you, the ideal couple respects you because they love you, and want the best for you.

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4. Commitment and common projects

The person who loves you will want to build a future with you. If he does not offer you security and there are only doubts, it is that love is not sincere.

Building day by day but having a projection of the future is essential to have that ideal couple that not only wants to make us happy today, but also tomorrow. If they give you excuses, if they don't talk to you about what they want for tomorrow, ask them why.

Uncertainties are not good in a healthy relationship. Mistrust causes insecurity, and We cannot develop a project on weak foundations.

Final reflection

Ideal couples are sometimes built with imperfect people. Maybe those corners that we each have, fit perfectly with that of others to achieve an ideal relationship. It is an adventure that is definitely worth it.

Remember that what is described here does not have to serve in your case. We recommend you go to a mental health specialist if you feel distressed or something worries you too much.

Become your ideal partner

Become your ideal partner

Are you looking for your ideal partner? What if she was in yourself? Find out, strengthen your self-esteem and realize that you are your best partner. Read more "