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How to seduce a man only with words

mayo 23, 2020
seducir a la pareja

seduce the couple

Intimacy is the best part of being in a serious relationship. Some people think that sex and intimacy are much better when two people are engaged to each other, as they really can know each other and feel super safe and comfortable. That's definitely true and that's why they might be thinking about ways to make your time alone together even better.

If you are wondering how to seduce your boyfriend and feel that you are not sure what to do, you are definitely not alone. This can be really tricky since there are so many romantic movies and it can be hard not to compare yourself to the women you see in Hollywood movies. But you can still celebrate who you are and approach your partner to tell them how you feel and that words are your best weapon of seduction.

Do not be corny

The worst thing you can do when you try to seduce him with words is to pretend you're a porn star or if you sound too cheesy. Don't be cheesy because if you talk dirty to him and you sound super cheesy, he won't like it. He will start laughing and you will feel insulted and disappointed.

The best thing to do, on the other hand, is to be totally and completely honest. Remember, you are trying to seduce a man only with words. You can compliment his appearance or the good boyfriend he is. You can really say what you want, as long as you sound super genuine and tell the truth.

Be yourself

If you are not a pornstar, guess what? Most women are not either. You may want to seduce a man with words, but you feel a little nervous and anxious about this, as you think your boyfriend wants to see a super busty woman in revealing underwear who knows exactly how to talk dirty to him. The truth is, he doesn't want that. He is with you for a reason, right? Remember that he loves you just as you are.

seduce the couple

If you wear something that is not comfortable with or say things you don't want to say, that will kill the mood right away. Your boyfriend may say that you are not being yourself and may ask you why you think you have to be something that you are not. You will not like that and it will not create a romantic and fiery atmosphere.

Have fun

If you don't have fun when you seduce a man with words, then you've failed even before you start. You have to have fun or your boyfriend won't have fun either. This applies to virtually everything that has to do with your relationship. If you're in a bad mood when you meet your boyfriend's parents, if you sulk all the time when you both watch the latest action movie that is dying to see, Or if you give him a hard time about something, then your relationship will suffer.

So go ahead and have fun with your words. He'll be glad you're taking the time and effort to spend time with him and making sure your time alone is the best it can be. Seriously, you are going to love it, so don't worry if you are wrong or if you are going to like it.