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How to have more self-esteem and self-esteem

mayo 17, 2020
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Self love

The self-esteem and self-esteem do not appear out of nowhereLike other qualities, you have to work on it and it is not easy if you have a problem such as an inferiority complex that arises from some experiences and learning. The good thing is that everything can be learned and practiced again, even self-love, which is why we can achieve it if we work on it.

We'll see some ideas and tips to improve self-esteem or self-esteem. It is a feeling that you have to influence because low self-esteem can lead to other problems, from toxic relationships to depression or anxiety. So we want to give you tips to get much more self-love.

Take care of your body

Do sport

Taking care of the body is another way to take care of the mind. Our body should be our temple, because we will live in it until the end of our days and we must treat it with all the respect it deserves. That is why we must take care of the body, because it is also proven that this increases our self-esteem and makes us feel better about ourselves. Start playing sports, eating healthy and also trying beauty treatments that may interest you. You will see how you will feel better inside and out.

Don't compare yourself to anyone

This is something very important that we must take into account, especially in the times of social networks. We see many profiles of people who seem to have an ideal and perfect life, although this is only a facade. We must bear in mind that we all show the best face on the networks and that reality can be a very different one. But still each person is a world and we should not compare ourselves with anyone. We have our strengths and weaknesses and we must focus on that, since each person is unique and unrepeatable.

Focus on what you like


It is important that we do not waste time on things that we do not really like or fill us with, because we will only make ourselves less happy. Focus on those things that you like, even if they are not the most popular or fashionable. Your life is yours and you must be independent when it comes to saying if you like something or not, if you want to do an activity or not. If you find something you like and it fills you, you will notice how your self-confidence grows much more.

Avoid people who do not contribute

This is another thing that we must take into account. We are social beings and we always interact with other people. But this does not mean that we have to relate to anyone or that we have to put up with people who do not bring us anything good in the end. If there is a relationship that we see that no longer works It is better to give yourself space to see if that person contributed something to us or not. To make room in our lives for good, we must also know how to leave behind things that are not good for us.

Find goals and motivations

Get motivated

A Confident person with self-esteem and self-love has goals and motivations that make you feel fulfilled. Whether they are work, study or even raising a family. You decide your goals, but it is good to have reasons to get up every day to fight.

Speak positive


The positive people have much more self-esteem and self-esteem than other people. They are positive and see the glass as half full, having a better attitude before life's problems, something that helps them solve them earlier. This is why we must learn to speak positively, whether we speak to ourselves or to others.