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How to get him to break up with you

mayo 15, 2020
romper pareja

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It is not the most ethical thing in the world, since if you have stopped loving a person the best thing is that you be honest and tell them. But, if you don't want to break his feelings or fear his reaction, you can also make him break with you. Maybe you have tried it already, but you have not been able to, it tastes bad.

It's okay to feel a little lost and question all the choices in this relationship – we're here to help you realize that he's not the one for him without being cruel. If you've always been the one to run away or never knew how to say goodbye, getting out of a new relationship is never easy. If he stopped listening to you and didn't even want to hear about the idea of ​​breaking up, it's time to show him all the reasons why it's better not to be together, but how?

Don't be childish

It's okay to be bad at breaking, but it's not okay to make him feel horrible with little tricks to make him hate you and force you to break up. Each relationship is extremely personal and absolutely understandable if you have made the decision to make him understand that you are not the right person for him, but there is no reason to be cruel and a bad person. You are better than that.

Share your motivations and dreams

Are you two very different? PERFECT. Talk more about yourself: share all your dreams, motivations, career prospects, which will make him see why you are so different and why the relationship would not work. In this way, not only will you be more honest with him (instead of making him suffer by doing little tricks), but you can also make him support the idea of ​​breaking up.

Don't be afraid to let him know that at this point in life, you need time for yourself to solve things or simply that you prefer to be alone without a partner.

break up with the partner


Let him know your priorities. If you have made the decision because you feel like you are in a different place in life and you have much more important things right now, he should see it and know it. College, a new job, your family, or even yourself… there are endless things you can focus on and you would probably prefer to focus on this point. If he gets mad about it, he calmly explains that right now, these things are simply more important than a movie night together.

Accept the fact

Even if you were 100% sure when you thought that you were better separated, when it breaks up with you it can hurt emotionally a lot in the same way. The recommendation is to think about the next breakup and start mentally preparing yourself … Because when you break up, everything will change forever between you.

Overall: Be more honest!

All of these steps are related to being more honest, both with him and with yourself. During all this time, you may have thought that this could really work, but once you realize that you are going the wrong way, it can easily frustrate and despair to finish it as quickly as possible.

It is very important to be honest, because once you decide to end this relationship, you will not feel bad about their behavior or decision …