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Growing up together as a couple will make you indestructible

mayo 22, 2020
pareja fuerte

strong couple

Maybe you ever think that your partner is boring or that your relationship will not have a good ending because you are always getting tired of the same … But the secret for that not to happen is to grow together as a couple and also, as people. Write a list of things you've never experienced, but always thought sounded great, from snowboarding and paintballing to visiting the Easter Islands.

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we become lazy, because we come home with something that satisfies our need for company. When we are single, we constantly try new things, as we want to meet new people because we have no one to come home to.

Furthermore, after a breakup, we tend to push ourselves to go beyond our own limits as well; we dare to do what we always wanted but we were too scaredIt's to try because we suddenly wake up to our not-so-perfect life.

When we feel that our life is "okay," we are much less likely to step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to do what we really want. So when we feel too comfortable in a relationship, we often stop growing as a person or as a couple.

Both new experiences and learning together are important if we want to build a happy relationship, just as learning new things and experiencing new things for yourself is important for you to stay happy as a person. If you stop being alone, you will lose yourself in the relationship and you may see your boyfriend as bored as a result of that.

Growing up as a couple

Common sense tells us that the more time we spend in a relationship, the better it should be because we will get to know each other better. Unfortunately, common sense is wrong in this case: most of us become complacent and We forget to know ourselves better because we believe that we already know ourselves.

strong couple

Also, we are no longer impressing ourselves as we did in the "courtship" phase of the relationship. Remember that first date when you changed your outfit ten times before you showed up? And did you have 500 questions for him, since you wanted to know EVERYTHING about him?

Compare that to how you feel now. Still deliberating on what to wear? Do you dress for each date? Are you really trying to discover things about him that you don't know yet? We change every day as we experience new things, but when we get used to a person, we often stop noticing it, we stop asking questions and get on with our day.

Similarly, we stop trying to impress them because we believe they are already ours, so we don't have to work for it. Regaining shine in a relationship is a lot about going back to what you did at the beginning: be curious about each other and want to show you that you deserve each other's love.

Sexual growth

If you think that your partner is boring and you want to grow together with her, then the growth to be complete must also be sexual. You probably also think it's boring in bed. If you stop exploring in the bedroom and it becomes a routine, you lose some of the excitement.

Find quality information on sexual advice, read a couple of articles, and see if you can bring things to life. Also talk to your partner about what you really want. Make him feel safe expressing his wishes. You don't have to do everything he asks, but you should feel comfortable being able to express what you want without being scolded. If you want to grow sexually on a more spiritual plane, get a couple of books on tantra. Tantra is a great practice to bond with each other during sex and increase intimacy. Sex, after all, should not only be about the bad things, but also about the connection they have with each other. And of course express love to you!