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Girl of 17 plans the best revenge on her unfaithful ex-boyfriend

marzo 27, 2020
Chica de 17 años planeó la mejor venganza para su ex novio infiel

When you end a relationship, it is normal that there are those scenes where they ask you or you request back a couple of items that both shared during happy moments, whether it is the teddy that he gave you, the sweatshirt that he loaned you or some album that bought together.

But just when we thought there would be no lower act and as if cheating on his girl wasn't enough, Harriet's 17-year-old ex-boyfriend asked back for the ticket money for a Justin Bieber concert they both attended. However, the girl's revenge will give you a lesson on how to triumph out of heartbreak and not die trying.

Harriet ended up with a boy who cheated on her

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Her life and courtship were smooth sailing until she discovered that her boyfriend was unfaithful. Thereafter, Harriet was disappointed to learn the kind of person her former love was.

His ex demanded the money from the ticket he had given him

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Maybe the cheating boy was planning on taking his new girl to a One Direction concert with the ticket money, or some such cheapness.

The boy took the cynicism award

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By that time, any of us would have already blocked and deleted him from the contacts.

But this teenager showed that she had a lot of dignity and would not let a couple of immature words make her feel worse.

Harriet replied ingeniously


Harriet will pay her “debt” with a penny a day for 17 years via debit card, with the best reference with which to name an unfaithful ex-boyfriend.

Internet stood up

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Harriet's account at Twitter He is now in "private" mode, after the hostile conversation with his ex went viral. Although this teenage girl surely had enough with the admonition her ex boy received, and perhaps the fleeting fame on the Internet was what interested her least. She is an example of a girl, applause!