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21 kinds of men that every woman deserves to have in her life

febrero 14, 2020
21 tipos de hombre que absolutamente valen tu tiempo

Each man is different, however, at the time of sustaining a relationship, we could make a classification: the attentive, the romantic, the loving, the "all I can" … If a man falls into a category, he does not have to remain always there; In addition, there are boys who can belong to two or more of them and be, for example, equally romantic than adventurous.

Finding the "best match" or your "blue prince" is sometimes almost impossible, due to the high expectations that women usually wear, but here we present some types of men worth your time. Which one do you prefer?

1. The one who sends you flowers just because

Scene from the movie A Valentine's Day

Or because he wants to go out with you. Or because you had a bad day. Or simply because he spends it thinking about you and wants to let you know in a way. Why is it so difficult to find such a man?

2. He who fulfills what he says

Movie scene How to lose a man in one day

Call when he says he will and always commits to the plans they make in advance. When something happens and can not fulfill what they agreed, he will explain every detail of why it cannot come. He always has a good reason.

3. The one who calls you one day after the appointment

Scene from the movie Everything happens in Elizabethtown

Yes! A phone call! It's a miracle! And this guy is too. He will surely call you one day after going out with you, because he is one of the few people left in the world without a severe allergy to the phone the day after he leaves.

4. The one who asks you to be exclusive

Boy hugging his girlfriend next to a window

At first it seems completely strange to you, because you were used to dating idiot boys who just wanted to hang out with you, but this man makes you feel like you are the only girl in the world, and that is exactly how every woman deserves to feel.

5. He who knows what he wants and pursues it

Photographer travels the world with his girlfriend

Including you, of course. He knows the things he wants in and out of the relationship, and he also knows that you are a valuable and special girl.

6. The one who answers your messages in a reasonable time

Handsome shirtless boy sending a text message

The rule "I'm going to wait 3 days before answering you and thus make me interesting" is bullshit, just like the guys who apply it. In addition, three days (or one, or whatever hours) in internet times and online messages is equal to months. Who has months to wait to know if a boy likes you?

7. The one who can't wait to introduce you to family and friends

Movie scene I want you

You will not be the only one in the relationship that shows interest because he goes to family meals, outings with your friends or an important event for you: he will also want to take you to meetings with family and friends.

8. The one who takes the time to meet your friends

Scene from the movie A daring Don Juan

Your friends will not go anywhere, they will be with you even if you go out with a boy, so if he also wants to be with you he will understand that he must socialize with your circle of friendships.

9. Who likes to go out with your family and doesn't complain when you want to visit them

Movie scene My girlfriend's family

It also takes time to hang out with your father and your brother, it even feels like he is part of the family. He won't roll his eyes when your family (or you) drives him crazy.

10. The one who makes plans in advance

Boy drinking coffee and sending a text message

There is nothing sexier than a man who can invite you out with one or two phone calls or text messages. It is a law of dating and of life that a man who cannot do this will never be able to do anything else.

11. The one who shares your values

Scene from the movie Love Vows

It doesn't matter how much you love a person, if they don't value the same things as you, like where they are going to live, whether or not they want to have children, how to manage their finances, among other important things, they can never be together.

12. The one who watches your favorite shows on television because he knows what makes you happy

Couple gif watching TV together

He probably also likes a "silly" program secretly. So he watches your favorite shows with you and then he will see his.

13. The one who does not have an appointment with another woman after he decided to have a relationship with you

Wedding couple hugging happily on the floor

This kind of men have values ​​and morals, they think of you before doing anything. The man who wants to enter your life must be decent.

14. The one who is willing to reach agreements

Scene from the Friends with Benefits movie

He knows that not everything is about him, that you also have your own way of thinking and are willing to reach agreements.

15. He who is willing to make sacrifices to make his relationship work

Movie scene Always the same day

For example: you have got the job of your dreams in another city and he is willing to move with you because he knows that your dream has always been that and he wants you to be happy.

16. The one who says what he really feels

Movie scene If I decide to stay

Feelings: talking about them is as important as having them. You cannot be the only one in the relationship that expresses what you feel.

17. He who does not try to change you

Movie scene Always the same day

He thinks you're sexy and amazing (and, maybe, a little crazy), but he doesn't think about changing you for anything in the world.

18. The one who finds you incredibly sexy even in jeans and t-shirt

Hipster couple having breakfast bread and coffee

How much you are not using any type of makeup and you have not done anything in your hair. When you go out for lunch on a Saturday morning in your most "comfortable" clothes, that's when he has more trouble keeping his hands away from you, since you're incredibly sexy to him.

19. The one who listens to you

Movie scene Under the same star

Know your favorite ice cream flavor, what is your favorite flower and remember in detail the story you told about when you were in college. Because when you talk, everything around disappears.

20. The one that makes your life feel like a movie

Scene from the movie Diary of a Passion

And who doesn't want his life to feel like a movie? He is your Ryan Gosling and you are his Rachel McAdams, and they certainly want to win the “best kiss” award at the MTV Movie Awards.

21. The one who really values ​​you

Scene from the movie The best of me

He sees how valuable you are and does not take it for granted. He has been looking for you all his life just like you have been looking for him.