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20 things a good boyfriend would do without having to ask for them

marzo 27, 2020
20 Cosas que un buen novio haría sin que tuvieras que pedirlas

There are many things that women like to receive from our partner, and although sometimes we seem misunderstood beings who seem difficult to please, the truth is that it is so simple what makes a woman happy that even the most skeptical would be surprised.

These are 20 details that women expect a good boyfriend to have without having to ask for them. Surely there will be many who are not on the list but the message is clear: making a woman happy requires mainly not to forget the little details.

1. Accompany you to the door of your house and say goodbye with a tender kiss

young man kissing a girl on the forehead.

2. Prepare a special dinner even if there is no reason to celebrate

Actress walking around to show her dress.

3. Lend you your jacket when you're cold

Scene from the series That 70 show.

4. Holding hands wherever they go

Couple holding hands.

5. Ask yourself how was your day

Scene from the movie I want you.

6. Remind you how much he loves you whenever possible

Scene from the movie Diaries of a Passion.

7. Wait for you to arrive to eat together

Couple having dinner.

8. Take pictures without you knowing why you want to have them on your phone

Girl smiling on a bridge.

9. Tell you how good something fits you

Movie scene, he tells her that she is perfect.

10. Give yourself a massage after a difficult day

Movie scene, he giving her a massage.

11. Make your relationship official on Facebook

Facebook announcement that someone is in a relationship.

12. Give you that birthday gift you will never forget

Couple in winter hats, smiling.

13. Offer to be your driver when you have a commitment

She hugging him when they go to pick her up.

14. Buying tampons when you can't go out

She smiling.

15. Cover up when you fall asleep

He stroking her while she sleeps.

16. Pay the bill when they have an appointment


17. Take care of you when your drinks are gone


18. Put the program that you like so much


19. Send you good morning and good night messages


20. To be asked if you want to move or marry him


And you, what do you expect a good boyfriend to do?