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15 weird things almost all couples fight about

marzo 27, 2020
15 Cosas extrañas por las que casi todas las parejas pelean

Living with someone else, adjusting to their habits, or making them adapt to yours can actually be more complicated than it sounds. We discover how intolerant we can be and how much love is required not only to live together as a couple, but simply to share your space with someone else.

According to a study by Jeffrey Dew at the University of Utah, financial matters are the most frequent reason for fighting between couples. However, there are many more reasons, of no apparent importance, why lovers are upset. In this post we will leave 15 of them and slowly withdraw. Remember that any resemblance to reality is a mere coincidence.

1. The sounds they make while eating

Britney Spears covering her ears.

2. Not folding towels properly

Phoebe walking through the kitchen.

"I would like to, but I don't feel like it."

3. Do not put a new roll of toilet paper

Putting the toilet paper on top of the roll holder.

4. Don't decide what to eat

Couple arguing while cooking.

5. Do not wash the dishes after eating

Young man crashing a plate from the tableware.

6. For watching a chapter of your favorite series without waiting for the other

Angelina shooting Brad through a door.

7. Dirty clothes lying on the floor

Girl throwing a pillow at her partner.

8. The eternal dilemma of toothpaste

Young man eating toothpaste.

9. Do not lower the toilet lid

Friends actor with a face that he can't believe something.

10. Who takes the longest to get out

Couple sticking out their tongues.

11. Pull the blanket at night and uncover the other

Gilmore Girls actress pulling the blanket.

12. Do not answer calls or messages

Girl throwing a shoe at a man.

13. Who walks the dog

Actress upset entering a room.

14. How many times do you try to turn off the alarm clock

Actor hitting an alarm clock.

15. Belching and letting out the gases without shame

Jim Carrey spraying himself with a bad smell spray, inside out.

Did you feel identified with one?