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15 Things I want to say to the boy I fell in love with

marzo 27, 2020
15 Cosas que le quiero decir al chico 'indicado' del cual me enamore

If they paid me for saying ‘this is the one’ every time I go out with a boy, I would be a millionaire. We women are naive and we hardly know anyone, we think it is 'the good one', only to later realize how wrong we were and start the search again.

Fortunately, sooner or later we will meet a boy who really is the one, who is here to stay. One who is worthwhile, who stays by our side even when we show him the worst, who prefers to spend a Saturday night with you than to party, the one we will call ‘the good’. And when it comes into your life, don't forget to tell him this:

1. Thanks for accepting me as I am

Couple embracing laughing

With all my defects and virtues. With my depression and my anxiety, with my way of thinking things too much. With my bad mood when I am in my days. Thank you for accepting all those things that bother me and still love me.

2. Thanks for spoiling me every time my uterus stabs me

Movie scene friends with rights

For going to my house, pampering and buying my favorite snacks. You are the best boyfriend in the world!

3. Thanks for loving my tattoos

Girl with tattoos kissing her boyfriend

Even the most ridiculous, like the infinity I did when I was in high school.

4. Thanks for watching romantic movies with me

Movie scene friends with benefits

I know the action movies are your favorites, but you also enjoy lying next to me and watching Rachel McAdams movies on a Sunday afternoon.

5. Thanks for holding my bag when I want to dance

Couple dancing in the rain

You know that the moment my favorite song plays, you must hold my bag while I run to dance like crazy.

6. Thank you for supporting my decisions.

Scene from the movie Just Friends

From the most basic ones like which blouse to buy, to the most complex ones about the new position that they offer me at work. I know that whatever decision I make, I will always count on your support.

7. Thanks for putting up with me when I get 'crazy'

GIF couple arguing

Especially when I am in 'my days'.

8. And thanks for later making fun of my hysterical moments

Couple in bed laughing

You make me laugh and realize how much you love me for putting up with so much.

9. Thanks for talking to me about anything

Scene from the movie love and other druggies

Even the girl stuff that I know bores you so much, but still you always pay attention.

10. Thanks for always telling me that I look beautiful

Scene from the movie 50 Shades of Gray

Even when 3 horrible pimples have come out on my forehead or when I have not bathed all day. It is in those moments that I appreciate your words the most.

11. Thanks for texting me

Movie scene under the same star

The ‘good morning’ and the ‘good night’ are small acts that make me love you much more.

12. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder

Girl crying on a boy's shoulder

You are the only person who can comfort me with a hug when I cry.

13. Thank you for preparing my favorite dish when you invite me to dinner at your house

Scene from the movie The Best of Me

It is a detail that I will always thank you for.

14. Thank you for accepting that my dog ​​sleeps in our midst

Sleeping couple with dog in the middle

You have adopted my dog ​​as if it were yours and I love that!

15. Thanks for being with me

Scene from the movie Dear John

For everything we've been through and because every day you choose to stay by my side.