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15 Situations that will occur if you forgive an infidelity

mayo 15, 2020
15 Situaciones que ocurrirán si decides perdonar una infidelidad

Finding someone you connect with, think the same way, and enjoy spending time together can be very difficult in these times; But when you do, and you finally decide to open up and maintain a relationship, it's a huge disappointment if that person betrays your trust.

For anyone, discovering that their partner has broken those promises and ties that held them together can turn into a very deep wound that destroys everything they had built together. If for some reason you have decided to forgive an infidelity, these are some things that can happen and that you should take into account.

1. He will feel that he is worth more than you

forgive infidelity

Remember that he has broken your heart and disrespected you. Accepting him again in your life will give him the clear message that you do not consider yourself valuable enough to take into account your own well-being and happiness.

2. Your security and self-esteem will go straight to the ground

forgive infidelity

According to psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, an adventure is an offense to her dignity for a woman who has been betrayed. In addition, you will stop feeling pretty, your personality will change and you will spend a lot of time depressed.

3. It can happen again

forgive infidelity

According to Tracey Cox, sexologist and relationship expert, if anyone has developed a pattern of to cheat, will continue to do so. It is a high risk factor.

4. The next time she is unfaithful she will blame you

if you forgive infidelity

In his defense he will say that it was your fault for having forgiven him the first time.

5. Your friends will move away little by little

if you forgive infidelity

Due to your low self-esteem and constant crying and sobs, your friends will not want to catch that sadness and they will go away; they will feel disappointed after asking you and advising you to stay away permanently, because they did it for your good.

6. Constant fights

if you forgive infidelity

To forgive really requires a lot of patience. At the rational level it can be overcome, but from an emotional point of view it is more complicated, which can have an impact on the relationship.

7. Desires for revenge

if you forgive infidelity

Each person takes and exceeds an infidelity in a different way, but it is very frequent that those who have been deceived feel insecure, undervalued and even with a desire for revenge.

8. Sexually transmitted diseases

if you forgive infidelity

Maintaining an external relationship can pose a serious health risk, so it is essential to ensure that the person who committed infidelity took precautions to prevent it.

9. You will not be yourself

if you forgive infidelity

You will live stressed, paranoid and angry all the time. Perhaps you think too much that it can happen again, which will put you in a very bad mood.

10. Goodbye to trust

if you forgive infidelity

Because no matter how hard you try, it will be completely gone and you won't feel comfortable. You will be very insecure all the time.

11. Illogical thoughts

if you forgive infidelity

You can believe it was your fault, because the mind can go against you.

12. Respect will be lost

if you forgive infidelity

When a person really loves, he will never have the need to be unfaithful, on the contrary, he will fight for the relationship, without having to flirt with others.

13. You will feel like a victim

if you forgive infidelity

It is important to know that the person next to you will never harm you; After the betrayal nothing will be the same and you can blame your boy for everything bad that happens in the relationship.

14. You don't deserve

if you forgive infidelity

If you have a man by your side who did not know how to value you, then you will no longer be willing to give your all and the relationship will become really uncomfortable and destructive.

15. It will be more difficult for you to trust

if you forgive infidelity

If after all you return with that person and for some reason the relationship ends definitively, it will cost you a little more work to trust again. Remember that not all men are equal and that it is worth loving again. It is your decision and you must be aware of it.