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15 men's excuses to cut with a girl

mayo 15, 2020

First he was chasing after you like a lapdog, begging you for a date, writing day and night, telephoning at 2 in the morning just to ask how your day was, and after you've decided to let your guard down and give him a chance , it seems that he has lost all interest.

Watch out! The following is a list of phrases that boys use to get rid of women, without guilt or regret. We don't know whether to thank them for trying to blame themselves and do it carefully so as not to hurt us too much, or really hate them for not being able to tell the truth.

1. I have been very busy

britney spears weird faces

Watching television and drinking with friends.

2. I am not interested in a relationship at the moment

gif ariana grande

So let not what cannot end begin.

3. I need to recover, because they broke my heart

lindsay lohan weird face

So why do you keep looking for me?

4. I can't compromise

blake lively weird face

You have to believe him.

5. The best thing is that you stay away from me, I can hurt you

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6. I don't like to text or talk on the phone

paris hilton angry

Now. Ah, but before …!

7. I have met someone else

Kim Kardashian crying

Well, go with her, but don't come back.

8. It is not in my plans to have a relationship

men's excuses

He wasn't in yours either, but he was too insistent on you. Whats the matter, then?

9. I can't be with only one woman

meredith gray laughing

Because it is too big for him.

10. I would like to slow down

milie bobby brown gestures

Yes, we understand you, he was the one who thought of you the whole time.

11. You are too much for me, I don't deserve you

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You are absolutely right.

12. You deserve someone better than me

gif emma stone

But of course it does.

13. I don't have time

Anne Hathaway

Because now he gives his time to someone else.

14. I want to enjoy my youth

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They could enjoy their youth together, but if he wants to be alone, go ahead.

15. I don't want to ruin our friendship

men's excuses

Their friendship is ruined.