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15 incredible surprises that every woman would love to receive

marzo 27, 2020
15 increíbles detalles que a todas nos vuelven locas

Who does not love being surprised with an unexpected detail? Life would not be the same without surprises and if someone knows this we are women because, to tell the truth, we all love to be pampered.

We know that the blue prince only exists in stories, but we cannot deny how happy we are when we meet a romantic boy who has some or all of these details:

1. Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures, and when the guy you love takes the time to make breakfast for you, it's just irresistible.

2. An unexpected getaway

couple on the beach in lounge chair

What you think would be a weekend like any other, turns out to be a surprise excursion to an unexpected place.

3. Tickets for the concert of your favorite group

couple in concert

Nothing tells you better that a boy adores you like this detail. It would really be a very difficult thing to overcome.

4. A romantic dinner

romantic dinner

Double points if it is in his house and he prepared it. Irresistible!

5. Your favorite drink at work

drink and flowers

You are in the middle of a stressful delivery when someone arrives and delivers your favorite drink on a loving note. Like to eat it with kisses!

6. Your room decorated with many photos

room decorated with photos and balloons

To turn your back!

7. Flowers and more flowers

large arrangement of roses

The best thing that could happen to you, it's that simple.

8. A handwritten letter

letter in handmade envelope

In the era of text messaging, writing a handwritten letter is an appreciated gift.

9. A spa session

girl in spa

You deserve to be pampered with a rich and delicious day of massages.

10. A puppy at the door

puppy in gift bag

Could there be something better?

11. A box with your favorite sweets

box with sweets

Anyone know how to sweeten your life.

12. A public message

love message on the street

Giving a show of love in a public place at the least expected moment will never go out of style.

13. A huge plush

girl with big teddy bear

Sometimes I think that we never really stop being girls, and the feeling of hugging a giant bear returns us to that happy place of our memory.

14. A serenade

boy serenades

May romanticism never die! When someone dedicates the songs you like to you, it's wonderful.

15. A different ride

couple on bike ride

It can be an afternoon on a bicycle or a tour of the places you like the most, the valuable thing is that you think of doing something different to surprise yourself.