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15 attitudes of a girl that men hate

mayo 15, 2020
15 Actitudes de las chicas que ahuyentan a los hombres

Boys have a different way of appreciating feminine qualities, and they may find some of the flaws that would be unacceptable for a woman. However, there are some that really do not support and perhaps you had not noticed.

Perhaps they are not as superficial as you imagine and look at other aspects before making the decision to start a formal relationship with a prospect. These are the things some men find really annoying about the girls they are dating.

1. Have no topic of conversation

tell me with how many

Although they know they are not experts on all topics, they like to discuss things other than gossip, shopping or trivial matters.

2. That they pretend to be something they are not

Monte Carlo

Like when a girl adopts a strange accent … What they really want is an authentic woman.

3. Let them pay everything

crazy about shopping

It would not be a bad thing if the girl in question occasionally takes out some coins and invites him to a coffee or to the cinema, or shares the restaurant bill.

4. Do not appreciate your friends

things make a girl ugly

They can't stand hearing a girl criticize her friends all the time. Actually, that speaks ill of them.

5. To think more about the material

sex and the city charlotte

It is okay to wish for a better quality of life, but when they only think about the profit they can get from others or what to buy from branded clothing and accessories, it takes away the charm from the masculine gaze.

6. That they have no goals

things make a girl ugly

If a girl does not struggle to achieve her own goals in life, she becomes a boring woman who does not motivate them to continue in contact, men look for a positive attitude and a lot of energy.

7. Live from appearances

the neon demon

If a woman can't leave home without a drop of makeup and has to get dressed superfashion all the time, it steals her essence and doesn't let her see herself for what she is, something that is definitely not attractive.

8. Let the time pass stalking

the big bang theory penny stalking

It is good that they see the profile of the boy they go out with and comment on some photographs, but from there it seems that they work for Interpol, it is not pleasant.

9. To complain about everything

sex and the city carrie

Sometimes they can comment on the things they dislike, but there are girls who are bothered by the slightest movement of a fly. That bores a boy too much.

10. They don't like to be asked if they look pretty all the time

la la land

If a girl has a date and her partner comes and tells her that she looks beautiful, that compliment will not suffice. Show safety first.

11. Let them talk about their ex-boyfriends

He do not like you to much

There's nothing more demotivating than a girl recounting everything that happened in her last relationship.

12. That they do not have their own opinion

He do not like you to much

Men are irresistibly attracted to girls who know what they want and can defend themselves.

13. Not all men are equal

things make a girl ugly

No one is equal to anyone, each person has something beautiful to offer and some other things that should work, but in short, no man is identical to another.

14. Do not believe in themselves

things make a girl ugly

If a woman does not consider herself beautiful, intelligent, funny or strong, then no one will believe it. It is important that they project that which all women carry inside and that gives us courage.

15. Don't give your boy space

things make a girl ugly

Just as a girl deserves time alone, men need independence and freedom to move. A boy will appreciate when a woman is not on top at all times.