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10 Signs to know if a man truly loves you

febrero 16, 2020
10 Señales para saber si tu chico te ama de verdad

When a person is in love, it shows. As much as you try to hide it, the body will be in charge of communicating it: a simple different look can give it away.

Now, if you think that these signs are not obvious at all, and that it is very difficult to know when a man is really interested in you, these ten actions are unmistakable.

1. Can recognize you from a distance

Boy waiting for a girl in the distance

It doesn't matter if you are walking alone on the street or if you are among many people, he discovers you … And he greets you. If you approach, you will see that it makes eye contact with you.

2. Smile when he sees you

Boy smiling at the sight of a girl

Just by looking at you, your face changes completely. Your smile may not be very effusive, but if you look at his eyes, you will notice his happiness.

3. His eyes shine

Face of a boy watching a person

Every time they meet, his eyes light up and he can't stop staring at you.

4. He is interested in your tastes

Man filming with a camera his girlfriend working

It does not mean that he should have the same tastes as you, but he is interested in the things you are passionate about and is looking for ways to share them with you.

5. He is watching you

Wedding couple outdoors sitting at the table eating and facing each other

He is attentive with you. He is interested in your mood, your activities … by asking yourself: How are you? What did you do? How about (work, school)?

Try to be aware of what is happening in your life and if you need help, without your asking for it, immediately offers your support.

6. Highlight your virtues

Boys leaning on a wall talking

Although he is aware that you have defects, he is more interested and focuses on the virtues that characterize you. Always highlight your positive side.

7. Makes you feel special

A couple dancing to the center of the dance floor with people around them

No matter how many people are around him, he will only have eyes for you, he will pay attention to you and listen to you every time you tell him something.

8. He likes to see you happy

A girl chatting with a boy in the parking lot while another boy watches them from afar

It does not matter if your happiness means that he is not. That is, his appreciation for you is so much that he can remain your friend and encourage you until you achieve your goals.

9. It does not lie to you

Boy crying and seeing a girl telling him he loves her

So be the most difficult truth, he will tell you by looking you in the face, because for him you are the most important thing.

10. Has time for you

A boy and a girl chatting at night outside their home

Find out how to make a space to see yourself, even a few minutes. It will be able to become your priority.

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